New update avaible for Fortnite BattleRoyale: New

As we talked about Fortnite in our most recent article, which was quite successful, we are obliged to talk about this amazing game again today. Indeed, because Yesterday was an important day for Fortnite; the famous update 2.2 has finally been released. You can check every details by clicking on the link to the official Fortnite post.

So the whole map is modified. We can note the presence of a new town: Tilded Town, and a new mine close to Greasy Groove. Also lot of new warehouses have emerged, and there are extraordinary new places to explore! Be careful, don’t forget that the goal is not to stop and look at the scenery, but to survive as long as possible in this fierce confrontation against your 100 opponents.

One of the new features of this update is also the change of the different ecosystems. Now, each geographic area has its own environment and vegetation. They are therefore more “unique” and can be seen from a distance. This makes the game less boring and more real for players. Indeed, Epic Game seeks to provide the best possible gaming experience for its users. You can find a picture of this impressive new map below:


In the previous article, we mentioned the appearance of some new Fortnite cheats that allowed you to generate V-bucks for free in a few minutes. It is sure that with the arrival of the new updated, this service will be more and more used so we recommend you take advantage of it now.

As a reminder, Fortnite is a survival game in the BattleRoyale style. The aim of the game is to survive on an island, and you are up against 100 players. You must arm yourselves with guns and supplies and fight to the death and remember: there will only be one survivor!


Fortnite Cheats avaible in 2018 : Free and Unlimited V-bucks for everyone !

Fortnite Cheats : when myth meets reality…

It’s a beautiful day for fans of Battleroyale Fortnite! Some even dream about it at night, saying to themselves: “If only I could cheat on Fortnite…” But that was before ! For some time now, rumors have been spreading on some forums that there is a way to get free v-bucks, the Fortnite game currency that everyone is looking for.. We’re going to go further and try to find out more about this notorious tip.

For those who don’t know…What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is the new revelation of the year, released in 2017 and developed by Epic Game, the famous unreal tournament developers for example. This game is available on both PC and PS4. Even if the official release date has not yet been announced, it is still possible to play the game using early access. Two different modes are currently available: the “Save the World” mode and the “Battleroyale”mode. Both will be free after their release but for the moment, only the battleroyale mode is free… well, almost, if you don’t want v-bucks

For the multiplayer mode, the concept is turned towards a “battleroyale” game in the style of PUBG for example. These survival games are currently very popular and gather millions of players. The style of play is therefore inspired by the film Battleroyale, where individuals are sent to an island and have to fight to the death until only one remains.


The process of a game (BattleRoyale mode):

In Fortnite battleroyale, it’s always the same principle. You must parachute on to the island and take on 100 different players, all aiming to survive and to defeat you first. If you are here, you must already know that the aim of the gaim is to be the last one standing, the last survivor. To help you in your mission, guardian angels have mysteriously made these Fortnite cheats: it will allow you to get frightening or funny skins, which will put off your opponent.

Let’s also remember that all the players are online, and that there are different game modes: single file, duet or section (4 players in the same team). Epic Game generates temporary game modes, which can be more entertaining. For example, there is a large explosive mode where the only weapons available are grenade type explosives, rocket launchers, etc. A stealth mode was also put online but only for a few days.

Theory: What are these Fortnite cheats tool for and how are they supposed to work?

This generator for Fortnite has been designed to allow players from all over the world to get V-bucks for free, and in only a few short minutes. The principle is straightforward, after a quick connection, you access the menu to choose the number of V-bucks you want. Our engineers have thought of everything, this cheat system is undetectable and in any case more or less legal. This evens out everyone’s opportunity of obtaining as many resources as everybody else, and the creation of such a generator allows for a kind of “equality” between all players. In any case, the V-bucks can only buy visual elements and will never increase a player’s skills.

To obtain your resources, follow the steps explained on the generator site. You can also watch the Youtube video above, which summarizes the steps to follow. These Fortnite cheats will stay for at least the wholerest of the year 2018, and they apparently even plan to upgrade servers to allow more people to enjoy it. Unfortunately, this service, victim of its success, experienced some problems during the Christmas holidays. But don’t worry, everything is working perfectly now, and it’s time to enjoy it!

Craft mode, the little detail that changes everything:

Fortnite Battle Royal Battle is becoming one of the most popular multiplayer games. Indeed, the specificity of this game lies in its completely destructible but also constructible scenery. The game mode is completely free, which contributes to its popularity. Many survival games already exist, but where Fortnite has succeeded to stand out is in its original gameplay. Indeed, you can build huge forts, stairs to go over the mountains, you can build yourself a shooting range, and ambush your enemies through these constructions. That’s what Epic Game is all about, and it’s a successful bet.


Big update imminent:

The Epic Game team has recently announced the arrival of a fairly substantial update. The biggest ever release on Fortnite to be precise. So a lot of things are going to change after this update, which is scheduled for next week. First, a new city will appear. This city will be filled with buildings (the first in the game). A strategic position for snipers. Many small towns and warehouses will also appear in the new map. The environment will also change. Each geographic area will have its own vegetation, mountains will be more mountainous, etc. Each area will be different, with its own vegetation and specific environment!

This Fortnite cheats enough to make your mouth water! So it is apparently possible to get these famous v-bucks for free. Nothing’s holding you back now. You can let off steam in Battleroyale mode until the game is officially released in 2018. See you soon for a new article!

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