The Sarahah Spyer app at the top of the top of the ladder !

As many of you have asked, here it is: the new Sarahah reveal tool!

Yes, you don’t dream, it is possible to reveal who sends you messages on sarahah in a few clicks with this new Sarahah spyer!




Some applications work better than others, Sarahah is the perfect example! This app was very little known before this summer, but found itself propelled into the top app downloads, on Android as much on iOS. But what is the secret of such success?

In fact, this application has been made famous by a set of different factors: First, its anonymous messaging concept especially satisfies the younger generation.

Indeed, it is easier to express your feelings while protected by anonymity, especially when hormones are active! Secondly, the latest Snapchat update allows external links on its story… The result? Teens massively share their Sarahah username to receive anonymous messages, thus encouraging others to download the application. As you can see, all the ingredients are combined to make this application the buzz of the moment.


Originally, Sarahah had been designed to allow every employee to give feedback about their company and their superiors by emitting constructive remarks (or not), without risking exposing themselves to risks of redundancy or otherwise. The app quickly got out of control and was derived from its primary purpose by a raging teenage hordes.



For better or for worse

As you can imagine, teenagers are not always tender towards each other when it comes to speaking anonymously. Only here, there is currently a way to use a Sarahah hack tool online to be able to reveal usernames and Facebook profiles, or e-mail, instagram, etc. It’s fair to say that some people will make a funny face when learning of this website. Yes because there are many issues with Sarahah, whether it is a case of bad threats, harassment or stupid mockery. In this sense, it seems therefore interesting to know how to hack sarahah to protect oneself from this kind of abuse, which can send young people into depression and self-confinement. You can watch a video summarizing step by step, how to reveal sarahah users at the same time:

For the future of sarahah hack?

Sarahah still has good days ahead. Indeed, anonymous messaging apps are very popular now. Sarahah is undoubtedly the most used, but we should also mention TBH (to be honest), a similar app, which has already attracted several million users in the United States and in Great Britain. Teens use this kind of platform to comment and criticize each other’s life, but more particularly the snapchat story. You will have understood, Sarahah and Snapchat are particularly connected. It is hard to imagine a future for Sarahah without Snapchat.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article!



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