New feature on Soccer Stars: Team upgrade

Time to redesign your Groups!

We know you folks are eager for objectives and new substance. The previous is up to your ability on the pitch, yet new substance is dependent upon us. In this manner, we present the shiny new component for Soccer Stars: Group Overhaul!

Group Overhaul is another element that empowers players to utilize Coins or Bucks to add level focuses to the group’s details. At the end of the day, you will have the capacity to expand your groups’ Point , Compel and Time forever! In any case, to open this, you should score objectives with the group you need to update. You will discover the measure of objectives expected to initiate the change in the amusement’s Group screen. Recollect that: you may have the capacity to update groups you possess! This is the perfect way if you use this hack for soccer stars

Group Update is a great component that will give you a chance to upgrade your most loved groups and beat the resistance in Soccer Stars’ few amusement modes. It will likewise allow you to acquire some remarkable new groups made only for the event and numerous different shocks! We trust you don’t miss the opportunity to end up noticeably one of the first to play with the selective groups and crush the ball into the net.

team upgrade

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