Which agent to choose? A difficult choice…

For big football players, having money is very important. It allows them to negotiate contracts, bonuses, etc. It’s time to follow in these big players’ footsteps and get your own agent on soccer stars. But again, knowing which agent to choose can be a real difficulty.


Agents bring improvements, acting like a boost. Each agent has its own specialty, which can make it a difficult choice. It also allows you to :

  • Win XP bonuses with each game you play, helping you to improve faster than usual
  • Win back some of the inscription fees for the tournament if you loose
  • Win bonus dollars for each goal
  • Win more coins with each victory

You can hire agents from the store in the game, by selecting “agent”. These agents cost coins from the game, but the best can only be bought with real money. Three agents are offered :


Rookie Agent:


This agent, resembling former president Obama, is the the basic agent. It costs 12 bills for him to supervise 12 matches. It helps improve your level faster (+20%), and to get 1000 coins per goal, which is a lot (if you don’t use soccer stars cheats on gamerdreamer.com of course or this new soccer stars hack 2017). It’s a really interesting character because it allow you to improve your bonuses without spending any money …


We will talk about the others in the next article.

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